Perfectly Imperfect - Soy Wax

Perfectly Imperfect - Soy Wax
100% Soy wax is safe from allergens, doesn’t give off soot and burns slower and cleaner that other
waxes but it does not burn pretty!
There are some cosmetic issues when using soy, these issues don’t change the burn of the candle but
can sometimes be an eye sore compared to what you see in a department store candle.
A lot of store brand candles are pretty and smooth but they are mixed with paraffin and other waxes
that could be toxic.
The 502 Candle Collection candles are made with 100% Soy wax which means you could possibly see
bubbles, lumpy tops or frosting. This is another natural occurrence with soy wax candles. This happens
because the hot wax is cooling at different rates of speed.
This is science so air can create a cosmetic error but it doesn’t affect the scent or burn of the candle!